Protection of individual information policy

voyage Inc. (hereafter, our company) is an information property that individual information that runs and keeps the active conduct of business from the customer is very important for the customer and our company, and it is recognized as our important, social obligation to protect the individual information surely. Therefore, our company accomplishes the following each paragraph, and fulfills an offer and a social obligation to the customer of "Safety" surely.

  1. "Compliance program" that suits a law and various standards that relate to individual information is settled on, and our company is well-known and persists to the employee (Not only the person who exists in the employment relation but also the director and the contract worker are included).
  2. Our company collects within the necessary range after it defines an objective, and the customer's agreement is obtained by legal and a fair means, and uses it when individual information is collected and it uses it. Moreover, neither disclosing nor the offer of individual information to the third party are done without obtaining the customer's agreement.
  3. When the processing of individual information is consigned to our partner, our company does strict management consigning ahead about the handling of individual information.
  4. Our company starts security countermeasures to secure accuracy and the safety of individual information, executes the security precaution, and prevents unlawful computer access, the loss, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc. to individual information surely. Moreover, when the improvement is needed by the example of the security accident of the market and the demand from the customer, etc. , this is promptly corrected.
  5. Our company tries through the chance of the management review by internal audit and entrepreneur's representatives to make "Compliance program" function always best a continuous review of "Compliance program".